A Community of Support for Self, Home, Spirituality + Work

Are you ready to discover the transformational power of true self-awareness? 

The world today is a chaotic place. Maybe you are someone who wonders if it will ever feel less out of control.

Waiting for things to calm down is getting tiring, and it is not working. The complexity is building. The remedy for the chaos is in the wildness. In the noise, we have lost our way. What you need now is essential + basic.

Old is new. The very things that can help the most right now are the oldest building blocks of how to live and connect with love, home, spirituality and work.

Matching ancient practices with the realities of modern life.

If you’re ready to feel safe, magnified, capable, and powerful, we are here to help you.

What you need is already within you. We are here to remind you, teach you, offer you structure and process, and to help you:

  • Build an empowered practice of self-awareness and self-love
  • Form and hold deeper and more connected relationships
  • Design a safe, comfortable, nourishing home
  • Make your passion and intelligence your life’s work

You just need a guide and steady practice.

We have created self-guided work and connected communities to help you:

  • Resume a sense of safety and control
  • Convert new learning into a steady, permanent behavior
  • Become a resource for the people you love
  • Improve and maintain your self-worth
  • Expand your capacity for successful emotional relationships

You’ll feel more yourself, spiritually, physically, mentally, and in connection with the natural world.

We offer anchored lessons, tools, and methods to help dissipate isolation and build emotional self-reliance.

We believe that anyone can become a Wild Human. Join us today and discover the transformational power of love, home, spirituality, work, and true self-awareness.

Unleash your wild potential and become the person you were always meant to be.

The Wild Humans membership is for you if:

  • You feel things deeply.
  • You desire emotional self-reliance.
  • You want to start to grow.
  • You are worried about the future.

The Wild Humans membership can help you to:

  • Feel self-sufficient.
  • Have some control over what happens next.
  • Alleviate fear and anxiety.
  • Increase emotional intelligence and empathy.

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