Writing has been a great outlet for me. 

Looking back on my history of articles over the last several years, many of them are relevant to what we are currently dealing with.  Take a look and see what resonates for you.  If you like something you see here and would like to work together, fill in the form below to connect.  

I have had the pleasure of writing for a number of important news outlets on subjects ranging from corporate business to grief and trauma, and from creativity to entrepreneurship.  

I am the author of the book “I Heart Creativity” (available on Amazon) and have been a contributing writer to Forbes, Fast Company, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, All Business, and Thrive Global. 

Book on Amazon: 

I Heart Creativity

Business Insider: 

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How to Display Your Soft Skills as Coveted Leadership Traits

Fast Company: 

4 Commonly Overlooked Reasons Why Creative Leaders Succeed 


How To Successfully Return To Work After A Trauma Or Crisis

Huffington Post: 

How to Display Your Soft Skills as Coveted Leadership Traits

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3 Steps for Turning Harshness Into Hope

How Creativity Helps Us Move Through Trauma

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