Seeing a client feel successful and more at home in their own skin is truly an honor.

Often I am with them some of the most challenging experiences of their lives, and we go there together... until the work is done. 

Here are a few excerpts of the testimonials I have collected.  These people who have truly leaned into the work and made transformational change happen.  I want to thank them for letting me witness these very emotional and personal experiences.    

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
What was the need that lead you to seek coaching? 
Being part of a succession plan meant I my need was two fold. First to understand my behavioural approach and explore what this new chapter would mean to me. Secondly to prepare myself for a further step up in leadership development.
What worked well for you during your coaching experience with Courtney? 
Courtney's incredible blend of executive coaching, behavourial insights and even somatic expertise has been perfect for me. After starting our coaching there were some major changes in my work and having Courtney's open, flexible style has meant she could react to my immediate needs 'on the ground' but has also constructed a 6 month plan with tangible outputs.
Toronto, Ontario, CA

What was the need that lead you to seek coaching? 

Courtney had extensive experience and there were some common themes that were getting in my way.  More specifically when I became overly fierce about a desired outcome in a meeting – I wanted my discussion to tie into my overall objective of the meeting.  I wanted to become a better leader for my people, for my customers and for my business.

What worked well for you during your coaching experience with Courtney? 

She gave me real tools that would help day to day.  Specifically one was around having meetings and connecting conversations with the team to the 2020 goals, and setting up conversations or meetings so they are more productive.


Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
What was the need that lead you to seek coaching?
I changed the industry that I worked in and took a more senior management position and wanted some guidance on how to best navigate that process.
What worked well for you during your coaching experience with Courtney?
Weekly contact with Courtney helped me to stay focused and I looked forward to taking time out of my week to focus on my development. She gave me a wealth of resources to review and i found this very helpful. One of the reasons I chose to work with Courtney was because she has such a broad knowledge of the industry I have come from and the one I have transitioned into.  Her coaching skill set is second-to-none and I love the fact that she uses the Enneagram as a tool to help uncover personalities and their traits.  She's also an expert in trauma and I think this gives her great insight into many areas that could easily be left uncovered throughout the coaching process.

Here is more from clients who chose to share their thoughts anonymously.

"Courtney is an amazing coach who will challenge you to your full potential, and create opportunities for you by enabling you to be your best self. She’ll help you to not only increase your own self awareness, but easily implement near-term changes that will transform and augment your long-term life trajectory."

“Courtney has an amazing ability to clearly articulate her vision, inspire strategy and activate excellence in everything she does and everyone she works with.” 

" Courtney offers us a roadmap to creative leadership, for ourselves, and the people we lead. This kind of leadership is needed more than ever in these disruptive and exponentially changing times."
"Courtney is the first opportunity I've ever had for a business coach. She has a natural, comfortable demeanor that allows my generally guarded personality to feel at ease and open up. I'm so thankful for her guidance as I find my place in my current position, she has definitely helped me consider angles and avenues that I would not have come by on my own. Thanks Courtney!"
"Courtney brings out the best in me. If I am wrestling with an idea, she gives concrete suggestions in a fun and very respectful way. She is an excellent coach."
"I am currently dealing with a lot of change in my role and Courtney has been there to support me and encourage me to take care of myself during this process. I have found some of the creativity I once had as a teenager, something I had suppressed a lot in my adult life."
"Courtney helps me prioritize what is important in my life and professionally. She introduced me to the concepts of being present and owning my time. Courtney's coaching style is versatile, moving effectively between process and relationships, whatever I require at that present time. She has been helpful working with me on my presentation skills and how to work with different profiles of individuals to optimize everyone's strengths."