Four Directions



The Four Directions :

Finding Your Passionate Sovereignty

In order to actualize the fundamental business changes required to thrive, grow and prosper in 2021 and beyond, organizations must address a new "way of being" in business. 

There are FOUR DIRECTIONS for this change and three conversions per direction.  When businesses understand, master, and implement these changes across their organizations they are measurably better at: 


- Engaging employees and diminishing isolation 

- Dealing with people problems 

- Mitigating conflict and increasing trust 

- Navigating unexpected change and culture shifts

- Re-skilling and up-skilling their teams

- Providing thoughtful access to diversity and equity at work 

- Offering support for mental health and grief 

- Creating bottom line results



Awaken Your Wild Wisdom + Tell Your Story

The starting point for this work is to look at the story behind what's happening at work.  What brought these individuals and these teams to the place they find themselves in today?  What bad habits were formed? What strengths overused?  What difficulties ignored?  How do the individual stories of the people on a team cohese to create the reality they are operating from when they come together to work each day? 



Redirecting Energy + Changing Direction  

Next we analyze the need for change.  We check the start state, the experience of volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments, and the need for transformation and we begin to map what they are doing and changing the focus to how they are showing up every day.  We look at individual performance and group dynamics and offer specifics on what needs to shift in order to make room for more beneficial patterns to come in. 



Creating Cohesion by Listening + Manifesting 

Then we review cohesion.  We take a look at relationships, hybrid work models, management styles, personal leadership styles, and team dynamics.  Together we create a custom formula out of what is beneficial, where boundaries need to be drawn, and how the group can be courageous, authentic, and extraordinary.  



Writing a Vision for the Future +  Building a Ladder

Last we look at the vision for the future.  We take the previous components and map them into a working operating plan with specific assignments, clarity, requests and responsibility.  We put each member of a team in a place to use their unique leadership acumen to the highest advantage of the team and with the greatest sense of balance for the individual.  We put everyone's focus on the future as wide and full and on each thing that happens as an opportunity, not a problem.  We shift the view and give them an operating plan.


The Four Directions Approach 

The Four Directions approach is the baseline of all of the coaching, team coaching, facilitating and speaking that I do.  I believe that by offering a relevant, measurable base I offer my clients clear and specific information on how to be successful and more profitable at work right away, and we integrate those elements with various models of coaching and teaching to help them broaden their reach within their organization, cascading their success.