There is one core truth that I see with all of the people I work with. 

They are struggling with emotional fragility.  

Emotional fragility is a tender area in the ecosystem of an otherwise very capable and skilled leader.  This sense of fragility causes the leader to put too much focus on the technical tasks at work, and not enough focus on the sense of meaning and being that work brings.  It causes a "fragile" response to challenge and change and can make work feel overwhelming and depleting.   


This is an emotionally and empirically difficult and risky place to be.  

  • Leaders who are emotionally fragile are lonely, indecisive, burned out, and disengaged.
  • They find themselves clinging to roles, resentment, and conflict. 
  • These leaders feel disempowered, trapped, tired, and confused and do not have a clear view of their opportunity to change. 

I have formed a thoughtful and organized system with programs ranging from half-day learning sessions to year-long embedded consulting programs.

My facilitated work brings in real-time education, dynamic question / answer and group breakout work, and functional mapping and strategic planning so that the outcomes of our time together are captured, documented and applied directly to active change in the business, leading to more efficiency and better results at work.  

I facilitate in-person and virtual events for: 

- C- Suite Teams 

- HR Departments

- Learning & Development Teams

- Change Management Teams 

- Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programs (Emotional Safety)

- MBA / E-MBA Programs

- Board of Directors 

- Co-Working Spaces

- Start Ups

- Incubators and Accelerators 


This work will ask you to: 

  • Come in trusting yourself, your team, and me
  • Be willing to look at what isn't working and what has to change immediately
  • Be a commitment to those changes and an advocate in your organization
  • Look at the future as dynamic and exciting


Facilitated Events Come in Many Forms: 

  • Immersions + Intensives 
  • Group Behavioral Assessment 
  • Culture Strategies 
  • Facilitated Strategic Planning / Annual Planning 
  • Embedded Consulting (for 6 - 18  months)