I want to help you with rapid, deep self-awareness. 

Individual clarity is your greatest asset in a world that is volatile, complex, and ambiguous.  

Do you find yourself wondering how you can express yourself to your friends, family and colleagues in a way which lets them really see you?  Do you struggle with being understood, and understanding others?

The Enneagram is an ancient psychological science dating back to the 1200's.  My modern take on old science knits the ways that we are all connected by common ground with the our body/mind reactions when our values and core motivations are stepped on, disregarded, or misunderstood.    

Let's take a walk, beginning with your personal story.... 

Enneagram Coaching: 

Enneagram Coaching leaves you with a deep and clear understanding of yourself, and a shorthand on how to share yourself with others (and understand them better too).  

This coaching reduces conflict, increases confidence and presence, improves trust, grows your capacity for leadership, and helps you improve at both giving and receiving feedback.  It also helps with better decision making, deal making, collaboration, engagement, and mentoring / coaching.

I have over 20 years of senior level experience in corporate business in the areas of leadership development, organizational strategy, and business communications/marketing.  I have worked with businesses from Fortune 500/Enterprise to SMB as well as start-ups.  I hold membership and training as a Master Coach through ICF (International Coach Federation).   I am also a Certified Enneagram Practitioner with experience using RHETI / IVQ and Certification from Integrative 9.  

I focus my work on understanding an individual’s place on the spectrum of leadership development, then offering guidance and support as they navigate expanding leadership, growing emotional intelligence, and advancing their ability to communicate.  I also help executives learn to coach and mentor their own teams.  

I aspire to help everyone I coach learn more about themselves and more about how to offer depth and growth across an organization.  I have coached members of the C-Suite, Executive Vice Presidents, and whole Executive Leadership Teams.  I have a special connection with emerging leaders and those in line for succession. 

Below are some details regarding what you can expect from an Enneagram Coaching engagement.  All programs specifics and the order of work are organized individually by coaching client depending on length of coaching engagement and their individual needs.  

  • Enneagram Overview
  • The Nine Types
  • Your Main Type / Main Triggers
  • Your Subtype
  • Your Center of Expression
  • Your Wings / Lines
  • Your Triadic Style
  • Your Triggers
  • Your Defense Mechanisms
  • Your Decision Making
  • Your Superpower
Specific to You
  • Voice work
  • Story (and Enneagram)
  • Projection and polarities
  • Your vices and virtues
  • Your Hornevian style
  • Your Conflict style
  • Reframing
Getting Along with Others
  • Challenges of your Triadic Style
  • Gifts of your Core Type, Subtypes, Wings + Lines
  • Setting and Holding Boundaries

Taking Enneagram Out into the World

  • Transformational development with Enneagram
  • Applying Learning to a 30 / 60 / 90 Day Plan
  • How to Deepen Your Understanding and Continue Your Practice

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