I help people at work stop feeling isolated. 

Together we create a specific and actionable plan for the future they need + desire.

Do you find yourself wondering how to deal with complex change or even how to initiate a change that seems too big to accomplish?  Does everything seem to be moving much more quickly than before? 

I believe that the future you are looking for is right around the corner and easily achievable when you set a foundation and make a specific plan.  Most people benefit from a sounding board and support in order to make this happen.

This is the work we can do together.

Executive Coaching: 

I have over 20 years of senior level experience in corporate business in the areas of leadership development, organizational strategy, and business communications/marketing.  I have worked with businesses from Fortune 500/Enterprise to SMB as well as start-ups.  I hold membership and training as a Master Coach through ICF (International Coach Federation).   

I chose to specialize my training with a deep dive in the areas of trauma and grief, emotional intelligence, behavioral science, neuroscience, and executive presence.  I often work with people in a state of transition or change.  

I focus my work on understanding an individual’s place on the spectrum of leadership development, then offering guidance and support as they navigate expanding leadership, growing emotional intelligence, and advancing their ability to communicate.  I also help executives learn to coach and mentor their own teams.  

I aspire to help everyone I coach learn more about themselves and more about how to offer depth and growth across an organization.  I have coached members of the C-Suite, Executive Vice Presidents, and whole Executive Leadership Teams.  I have a special connection with emerging leaders and those in line for succession. 


  • Emotional intelligence and behavioral change
  • Spiritual intelligence and personal values 
  • Leadership development and talent management
  • Culture and transformational development 
  • Grief and unexpected change 
  • Team development, facilitation, and individual executive coaching
  • Immersions for individuals and teams

Visit my ABOUT page for more about my education, background and professional experience.