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these wild humans

My work and the Wild Humans movement exist to provide a foundation of listening and learning which helps individual humans feel empowered to live in a state of radical clarity without resistance.  


The Wild Humans movement serves people of all identities, genders, cultures, and perspectives, hoping to help them elevate the essence of who they are at their “wild core” and to share this gift with the world.   


My personal and professional experiences have offered me libraries of information on how to take your personal power back, one tiny piece at a time.  The content I offer is created to give you personal access to all of this knowledge.  


For decades, I have fielded dozens of questions and requests a day about everything from emotional clarity to herbalism, and from trust and conflict to gardens, tinctures and teas.


I believe that we collectively have the power to “break the hierarchy” of what we feel burdened to offer the world, yoked with business plans, money, and the needs of others, and find ourselves.  I have chosen to share my work intentionally because the gift of liberation from the darkness that creeps into life is the greatest thing I can think to share with any other human.  


The next generation of human thinking involves returning to what is old and bringing it into the new, learning to be self-sufficient, and learning to create things that smell, taste, and feel good from scratch, enjoying every step in the process.


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