Create a visionary action plan for your organization’s leadership culture.

The urgency of culture shifts often has companies jumping into change without clear information or an informed strategic plan and with next to no creativity.  When this happens, a problematic leadership culture quickly devolves into a wicked mess.

VISIONING SESSIONS take a look at the whole picture.  We begin by identifying the creative leadership types and management styles of individual leaders and then find the connection to how this fits with the needs of the team responsible for change.

Then I teach new leadership strategies and processes for making the change discussing the impact of demographic changes and a global economy, offering access to deep resources rooted in trust, engagement and emotional intelligence, and building an Action Roadmap beginning with a 30/60/90 day plan to actualize the transition, a plan for innovative and engaged implementation, and a pulse taking system for measuring and refining the change.

Throughout, we continue to return to the development of the individual core team leaders and offer them processes and systems to mentor and develop creative leadership, communication, and safety on their teams.

At the end of this work, participants feel like a cohesive collective ready to tackle deep issues in their organization and ready to repeat the system they have learned to facilitate new transformation and change.

This may be a perfect opportunity for you if you are looking for: 

  • A progressive evolution of teamwork with a vision and strategic action plan and personal accountability by individual leader
  • An opportunity to work productively as a team and maximize precious work time
  • The chance to understand your colleagues on a personal level and work together most effectively
  • A way to measure progress in an organization who is roadmapping a new culture and looking to effectively develop that culture

This work will ask you to: 

  • Come in trusting self and each other
  • Be willing to go deep with your team and be accountable to group meetings and timeline
  • Bring commitment to the changes the team decides on
  • Be accountable in your individual leadership work  

You’ll receive: 

  • (6) full months of work as a team with Courtney Feider, BS, CMT, ACC 
  • (2) in person sessions – kick off and graduation
  • (1) Zoom video meeting as a team per month – participants can join from wherever they are and still see their colleagues face-to-face for group discussions and strategic planning.
  • (1) individual coaching session per leader, per month
  • Unlimited access to my support via email
  • My personal cell phone number
  • The Leadership Culture Survey™: In the program, I help the core leader to assess where the team is, where they want to go, and what they could reach further on based on comparison metrics from top organizations across the US, North America, and Worldwide.   A two-day in person Action Roadmap session helps the team debrief this report and set an innovative, clear, and measurable plan for what comes next and who will do what

Are you ready?


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