In 48 hours with your team, get crystal clear on where you want to be.

Often when a new team forms or change comes there is a fog around a major transition or change.  Even more often, the future that a team is reaching for is either too much to accomplish in a given amount of time or not enough of a reach to actualize lasting change.

With the TEAM IMMERSION I take a team through their clarity around team dynamics, culture, and creativity.  I conduct an analysis of their start state, take a deep look at their relationships/organization of logistics, and examine their ability to be outcome-generating and creative in their solutions instead of strategizing from fear. 

In the space of 48 hours, a team and I deeply review their situation and put clear structure, precise action, leadership accountability, and timelines to what comes next.  Finally, I facilitate the creation of an Action Roadmap, or the strategic plan forward for the team.

Immersion work allows you an intensive opportunity to: 

  • Rapidly design and cultivate your team culture
  • Deeply expand individual leadership and executive presence
  • Work collaboratively on shared vision for the future (with the context of the current state)
  • Understand each other’s values, behavioral styles, personality and leadership context
  • Identify areas where the team might fall into conflict and practice managing conflicts together and individually
  • Learn to listen to understand, not to be understood
  • Explore the value of feedback – given and received
  • Invest in trust
  • Grow your situational leadership
  • Create a commitment about what comes next 
  • Draw a ladder to the future and identify each “rung” so that taking the steps together is easy
  • Create a blueprint with detail of the debits and deposits of change, tackling the future one bite at a time
  • Assign roles and responsibilities and set timelines and reporting around milestones

This may be a perfect opportunity for you if you are looking for: 

  • A rapid escalation of teamwork with a vision and strategic action plan within 48 hours
  • An opportunity to work quickly and go deep for maximum impact together
  • The chance to understand your colleagues on a personal level and work together most effectively
  • The chance to have a vision and a plan and start actualizing your future within 48 hours

This work will ask you to: 

  • Come in trusting self and each other
  • Be willing to go deep with your team
  • Bring commitment to making a difference and playing a tangible role in the change defined by the team
  • Get excited about what’s next 

You’ll receive: 

  • (2) full days of work as a team with Courtney Feider, BS, CMT, ACC 
  • Unlimited access to my support via email
  • My personal cell phone number
  • The Leadership Culture Survey™ : This program helps the key leader in charge of a team to assess where the team is, where they want to go, and where they can reach further.  Analytics are based on comparison metrics from top organizations across the US, North America, and Worldwide.
  • Work in progress follow up:  30 days after the session, I check in with the team leader to understand how they have started to roll out change, the key accountabilities leaders have begun to accomplish, and to measure any ongoing support they need in pressing ahead with actioning change.

Are you ready?


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