COLLECTIVE HUMANITY RETREATS let you escape from the daily grind and clarify what comes next.

Off the schedule and into the deep work. 

Often when a new team forms or change comes there is chaos around a starting point, and end point, and who will be responsible for what.  Even more often, the future that a team is reaching for is either too much to accomplish in a given amount of time or not enough of a reach to actualize lasting change.

In many cases, the best opportunity for that team to actualize change is by taking this work out of the office and into a setting that’s fresh and apart from the distractions of daily business life.  This focus allows them to return to work with a much cleaner plan and clearer vision for what comes next.

The CREATIVE HUMANITY RETREAT transports the CREATIVE HUMANITY INTENSIVE to a remote location, including two full working days, team dinners, and experiential activities.  Capitalizing on the opportunity to take the leaders away from the every day, we focus on designing a refined Action Roadmap with timelines and assigned roles and tasks so that the experience of the retreat has immediate and direct impact on the business strategy when the group returns to work.

Using The Leadership Circle Mat, I walk a team through all of these parts of their situation – analyzing their start state, their relationships and organization of logistics, and their ability to be outcome-generating and creative in their solutions and not to react out of fear.  Then they move from one decision making paradigm to the next, deeply reviewing the empirical analysis of their situation from a culture perspective and agreeing to clear structure about what comes next. Leaving the retreat, all on the team are committed to working the plan.

Your team will receive:

THE LEADERSHIP CIRCLE – CULTURE ASSESSMENT:  CREATIVE HUMANITY RETREAThelps the key leader in charge of a team to assess where the team is, where they want to go, and what they could reach further on based on comparison metrics from top organizations across the US, North America, and Worldwide.   

FULL SERVICE RETREAT AND AMENITIES SUPPORT:  My team supports organization of location, hotel stay, food & beverage, and group activities during the course of the retreat as well as a celebratory group dinner on the last day.  Individual participants are responsible for their airfare and travel to the destination.

FOLLOW UP PROGRESS MEETING:  30 days after the session, I check in with the team leader to understand how they have started to roll out change and to measure any ongoing support they need with firming up the initial action plan and assignments and pressing ahead with actioning change.  

Are you ready?


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