COLLECTIVE CREATIVITY LAB helps you understand and harness your unique creative type.

Get to know your creative genius and feel supported by the creative power of others.

We are all born creative.  And it’s worked out of us over time as we age.  But it’s still accessible for those who are willing to work to open it back up. And it’s beneficial to the bottom line of a high-achieving business team. 

Often with teams there is a lack of clarity about which leaders bring what clarity and talent as it pertains to a more complete team that functions well around change and disruption.  The COLLECTIVE CREATIVITY LAB is an experiential one day experience that lets teams define their individual creativity while putting it in the context of the history of creativity as an acumen, creativity’s role in the workplace, creativity’s impact on management styles, and creativity’s clarifying impact on teams for ROI. 

With the COLLECTIVE CREATIVITY LAB I take a team through history and context and show them where creativity fits historically and in the context of their current needs in an organization.  I help them identify their creative style and the sources of their creativity so that they can be better at ideating and innovating as well as pivoting and getting creative with the business plan.  Last but not least, we examine what we have discovered about the creativity of the group, analyzing the impact that different types of creatives can have on each other in the way of support in generating a sustainable and returns-driven business plan.  

Your team will receive:

CREATIVE TYPES ASSESSMENT:  helping the leader to start to determine where their native creativity lies and can mined, and where it doesn’t sit and can be resourced via others on their team.   We also connect to the principles of The Leadership Circle and define which types are most prone to individual creative and reactive tendencies.  

COLLECTIVE CREATIVITY LAB:  I bring creative arts materials, prompts, models, and copies of the exercise so that the group can both experience the exercise and have a copy to take back to their organization to define the creative type makeup of their group or team.   

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