High performing teams begin with trust.

What’s standing in your team’s way?

Every day we examine our life and work and we can see what’s missing but we don’t know what to do about it.  According to a recent study by McKinsey, leadership programs fail because the deeper context, the connection to daily work, and the deeply difficult task of reflecting on and affecting creative and connected change aren’t measured and actualized. 

The teams I work with are heading in a new direction.

Moving UP in leadership and influence within the company, and in need of a stable plan.  

Shifting OUT of an old pattern by converting their team’s purpose within a company or playing a new role within the organization requiring better engagement and performance.

Working from the middle IN to the organization, becoming responsible for a major conversion or change that might be felt as a crisis to other leaders and teams.

I take you from “team” to “collective”.

I present online and in-person facilitated sessions which help teams connect with change and disruption.  Together we’ll work on your ability to seamlessly plan and pivot, using creativity, emotional intelligence, and behavioral skill to elevate safe communication.  I help you see where you are, where you are going, and where you are compared with other organizations.  We facilitate the creation of a clear roadmap connecting your new skills to your organizational business plan.  

Teams I work with let me work side-by-side with them as a partner and support system – helping them to understand themselves, each other, and to create a clear and linear plan of action with tangible, measurable, performance-focused results.

Are you ready?


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