I speak to groups about the power of their native creativity.

Professional Speaker  & Group Facilitator

Courtney Feider is a professional speaker and facilitator who presents at business conferences, workshops, and events.  She is a behavioral strategist and executive coach who focuses on helping people use their native creativity to design new leadership strategies.

Courtney has 20 years experience as a corporate communications executive, a brand agency owner, and an entrepreneur.  She has worked with businesses of all sizes from enterprise to start-up.  When she decided to transition her own career it was because she was seeking work that utilized her natural creativity daily, offering her autonomy, purpose, and meaning, and a way to create her “life’s work”.

A refined version of the same method she used to make her transition is what she uses to teach individual leaders and teams today.

Courtney speaks on a variety of topics including confidence, resilience, personal brand, executive presence, emotional intelligence, creative flow, and personal development. For teams, Courtney focuses on creative change management, team safety and trust, team leadership development, and the need for creatively diverse teams.

Courtney creates beautiful professional presentations integrating art, music, and experiential creative exercises.  Her book, I Heart Creativity, can be made available for any engagement as a leave-behind for groups.  For engagements with more than 3 months notice, Courtney offers custom sensory “native creativity” kits for her workshops to help participants engage in real time with color, scent, taste and texture.

Courtney lives in and travels from the Pacific Northwest.

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