i heart creativity.


WHAT I AM DOING........ NOW.  

Thanks to the positive influence of Derek Sivers, I decided to create a /now page to let the world know what I am doing, NOW.  

(click on his name back there if you want to see his page)

This is a great excuse to live in the moment, celebrate small wins that lead to big things, and exercise creative change by editing regularly to update.  I am inspired by what other people are doing, so I hope you share your "NOW" with me as well.  If you decide to take Derek's lead, create your own /now page!  


- Strategy work // business planning for all 3 of my businesses for the 2017 calendar year.

- Focusing my Courtney Feider consulting practice on executive advising and immersive getaway retreats and seminars.

- Finalizing my first book - manuscripts out for review by the last day of December - publishing in January.   Trying to be brave - I am telling the difficult personal stories as well as the beautiful ones.   Thank you to all who contributed - they will be named when the book is ready.

- Growing my tasting event in it's home location and expanding to two new locations in 2017, and at least one new major urban area in 2018.  

- Expanding the Fig & Honey line within the Rocky Mountain region and beginning the review process for Pacific Northwest and Greater Toronto Area.   Broadening the vision and reach in collaboration with my new business partner.