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CREATIVOLUTION workshops + consulting

Given massive workforce shifts and a rapidly changing world economy,  businesses now see that if they don't choose disruption it will be chosen for them.  Leading studies by Pew Research Center show that millennials make up 50% of the workforce and that this number will be rising to 75% in the next 10-15 years, and they are working alongside three other generations in the workplace.  Performance analysis, workplace satisfaction, and talent management must be defined and measured differently. Organizations have the choice of going forward with progressive new strategies and in firm control of the internal and marketplace message, or they can wait for disruption to happen and risk disaster and operational upset that may put their reputation at risk or  irreparably harm their business.   Traditional organizations are at the highest risk.

The CREATIVOLUTION training program is designed to show business leaders and managers how to understand and embrace creative strategy as the belief system behind change and innovation, and to place it firmly on the business agenda stimulating immediate returns.   We look to the future and discover how to attract and integrate rising young talent and new side-by-side leadership models, and  how to parlay this  into thoughtfully implemented business change.  We address the essential tenants of creative demolition, the four central paradigms of modern creativity in business, and the five creative leadership types.  We outline the benefits and returns on creative disruption when it is advocated for by leadership and is part of the daily business conversation.  

I offer management and hiring executives a brand new set of skills to connect with and value the human beings they work with.  We walk through empathy, real time feedback, endorsement of strengths, and a safe support system for risk or mistakes.   I show organizations how to roll out and implement culture shifts and new mission plans in a comprehensive manner, localizing plans by site or department.  Finally, I show them how to design a resilient and sustainable multi-generational leadership team and succession strategy with fresh and magnetic attractiveness in the marketplace. 

Specific deliverables determined by business situation.  An initial assessment is free of charge.  This service is available in seminars, retreat format, or in-house consulting.    

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included : survival training FOR extraordinary leadership 

Self-awareness.  Empathy.  Authenticity. Consistency.   These are the Top 4 Leadership Skills in the modern business world. There's a massive turnover in the workforce, with 10,000 people retiring each day and that leadership gap getting filled by default with emerging young talent.  Modern B-Schoolers,  med students, and graduate students of all stripes  have a hugely positive opportunity ahead of them as they graduate.   However, recent studies from Gallup show that young leaders are only likely to be happy and balanced in their careers if they have experienced significant emotional and experiential shifts, mentorship and guiding futuristic thinking, and opportunities to apply new thinking with guidance and support.  

The most interruptive and stand-out credential today's new leader can bring to the table is ability to lead with compassion, and to use innate sensitivity, empathy, and personal creative talent as an engine for strategy and innovation.  To see the differences in a team as assets, not deficiencies.  Today's business student (B-School, MBA, or Executive MBA) is  highly educated and deeply prepared with  business skills they need to lead corporations or build successful start ups, but often lack experiential connection and opportunity to apply these skills in a human way.   This program helps new professionals walk into the career of their choice more elegantly prepared than any previous generation, prepared to embrace diversity and utilize it to the maximum benefit of the company they work for, or the one they found, fund, and develop.  Using a proprietary mix of creative type analysis, sensitivity testing, attachment styles, cultural dimensions, introvert/ambivert/extrovert analysis, and internationally vetted behavioral tools we go deep with strengths, weaknesses, and untapped talents, and makes a precision plan to maximize  personal capacity and to merge with the valuable strategies gained from business or graduate school.  They develop the ability to present a new employer with tangible, human, returns-focused solutions, and a global mindset.   They launch with the dynamic capacity for extraordinary leadership.

Specific deliverables determined by needs of the educational institution.  An initial assessment is free of charge.  

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activating the creative WARRIOR :: CREATIVE disruption strategy + PERSONAL VOICE

Studies by Google and many other major research organizations (Gallup, Pew, the Federal Reserve, and more)  show that individual leaders who receive structured and fulfilling mentorship and guidance will thrive in the workplace and help pull others on their teams up.  Statistically and situationally, this is particularly true of new young leaders, but less than 3% of these leaders in the workforce have had the experienced this positive paradigm.  

Progressive organizations benefit from making mentorship and talent management a standard program for incoming leaders, particularly because the millennial workforce not only desires it, but expects it.   The ROI for companies comes in the form of reduced turnover, increased productivity, and higher instances of applied innovation resulting in positive business growth.

In a one-on-one executive coaching capacity, I help rising young leaders unblock their original creative power and build a foundation for development and intellectual wellness.   I use a proprietary battery of assessments to map and evolve capacity for connected and empathetic leadership.  

We work on analysis and targeted review of their core talents, and a strong grasp of their ability to mentor and be mentored by other leaders, and expanded capacity for resilience and growth.   We map an ideal support system and make a blueprint for career health and sustainability complete with milestones and measurement leveraging the foundations we have created.    

I work with a wide variety of people, but I specialize in helping young executives new to leadership, female executives, and highly sensitive people work through this complex and rewarding process.

An initial assessment is free of charge to determine needs and scope.  Six month engagements are a typical starting point.

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