I offer behavioral assessments, 360s, team culture reviews, and personal development sessions.

What is a behavioral assessment?

A behavioral assessment is a method used in the field of psychology to observe, describe, explain, predict and sometimes work toward modification of behavior. Behavioral assessment can be useful in clinical, educational and corporate settings.  


  • Psychometric assessments are those that are taken by the individual, measuring their opinion of themselves.  
  • 360 assessments are a combined review of the individual leader about themselves and the feedback about their behavior and performance as measured by those they work with, those they manage, and those they are supervised by.  
  • Voice dialogue is a personal development mechanism supporting identity and deeper emotional intelligence.  
  • Values surveys for individuals can help create clarity for setting boundaries, or when shared, common ground in a group when they see how they share values.
  • Team culture surveys measure where the team is and project where they want to go, while helping them to see how their goals align with those of other organizations in the global business community.

How do individuals benefit from assessments (and debriefing)? 

Individuals benefit from assessments by deciphering some of the foundational personality and behavioral traits that make them who they are.  A better understanding of this can lead to a rapid deepening of self-awareness and a clarity about how they impact other people at work and at home, as well as how those people impact them.  

In the business realm, individual assessments often give us the roadmap for opportunities for growth as well as areas of deep strength.  These are particularly valuable for senior leaders as they plan a leadership development journey and decide what needs to shift in terms of the way they manage, collaborate, or lead.  

How can teams benefit from assessments (and debriefing)? 

Teams can benefit from assessments by arriving in a cohesive discussion together looking closely at the results of the work being done side-by-side with what’s to come and what they can build together.  A culture assessment gives a team empirical clarity about what is happening now, opens the discussion about where they want to go (and why) and gives them context to see what other organizations are doing globally so that they align their expectations for what will happen next and how quickly.   Team culture assessments open a senior leadership dialogue and set the stage for a deep and rapid visioning session, typically over two days, ending with a tangible strategy and individual assignments. 

Which assessments are offered?

I offer a variety of assessments, ranging from personal and individual to group and team.  Each of  them has their advantages depending on the situation.  Typically at the beginning of the engagement, I offer specific suggestions for use of assessments based on the needs of the person or people being measured and their desired outcomes.  In some cases we use more than one method in combination.  


  • Enneagram RHETI / IVQ
  • 9 Types of Leadership 
  • Leadership Circle 360 
  • LCP 360 Team Report / Debrief 
  • Leadership Culture Survey 
  • Voice Dialogue 
  • Barrett Values Survey

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