I lead teams on a journey of clarity that ends with a clear and organized plan.

Safe, stable, creative team strategies now standard.  Your team’s health depends on it.  

Every day we examine our life and work and we can see what’s missing.  Safe and healthy teams experience rapid-fire novel thinking, diversity, kind communication, and a lean approach to moving a focused business plan forward.  But this type of communication is not standard.  And in the noise of modern business it often gets lost.  

I take you from “team” to “collective”.

I present online and  in-person facilitated sessions helping teams to connect with change and disruption through the lenses of creativity, emotional intelligence, and team health and safety.  I help teams see where they are, where they are going, and facilitate the creation of a clear strategic plan to get there. 

My programs come in three primary forms, differing by length or intensity depending on the needs of the team I am working with.


Are you ready?


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