You are not alone.

As young girls we’re gifted full access to our native wildness.  As we grow up, life chips away at our sense of ourselves and we begin to give away our power.  We may show up at work and to our personal experience hardened and not feeling like ourselves.  We may feel limited in our ability to exhibit true presence and to operate from a sense of complete ownership and accountability.  We may forget what we long for and find ourselves lost in the rigor of a daily grind, feeling tired and depleted. 

In these group immersions, women sharing a mindset for positive change work together to re-ignite their wildness, find their natural softness, express clarity and understanding and to bring these things back to their lives and their work.  In one day together, we set a course for a new chapter, washing away what’s behind us and returning to our wild power, bringing us closer to our vision for the future and looking at each step on our journey as an opportunity to actualize our truth.  

We dive deeply for (1) whole day together, working individually, as a group, and in peers and triads to peel back layers of anxiety, stress and fear, arriving in a place of new hope and ready to design a fresh reality at work and in life.

These Wild Women Immersion work allows you to: 

  • Rapidly recognize patterns where you want to see change and map them in a safe environment 
  • Clearly see your gifts and your contributions to your workplace
  • Root in your values and your true purpose
  • Commune with a group of women with like minds and similar concerns
  • Acknowledge the value of the native feminine instinct to form relationships, protect, nurture, and plan for the future
  • Confidently create an actionable plan to walk into change the day after you leave the immersion
  • Continue to be supported by a peer partner and a community of powerful women 

We are gathering interest for our next one-day cohort.  If you are interested, please send a message to be placed on the waiting list.

This work will ask you to: 

  • Come in trusting
  • Be willing to go deep
  • Be connected to the idea of authoring a new version of your story and your life 
  • Receive feedback and walk into it together with your coach 
  • Be gentle with yourself
  • Get excited about what’s next 

You’ll receive: 

  • (1) full day of work one-on-one with Courtney Feider, BS, CMT, ACC 
  • Working materials to assist with the process (sometimes an assessment)
  •  A peer accountability partner for (3) months
  • Unlimited access to my support via email
  • My personal cell phone number
  • A *SPECIAL GIFT* from partner company Sloane Marley to help you wash away the past and start fresh

Are you ready?


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