THE LADDER helps you move UP one guided step at a time.

I’ll show you how to take on the future, free from fear. 

Most people are uncomfortable thinking about the future because it feels scary, open-ended, and way too big to tackle.  And this isn’t a fear, it’s a FACT.  

Baby Boomer leaders are retiring by the tens of thousands per month and young middle managers are leap-frogging two or three layers up from middle management to VP and C-Suite status without preparation.   

New leaders with high potential are jumping to new levels of leadership without guidance or the mentorship their predecessors received.

Start-ups are growing at breakneck speed and Founders are becoming CEOs before they know how to manage a complex multi-million dollar business.

Businesses are growing globally, sending leaders to work in regions around the world, pushing them to integrate business practice with unfamiliar tradition and structure. 

THE LADDER, is a system I designed to create a partnership with leaders moving up, focused on the design of a unique blueprint for the future, and using structured steps to integrate progressive and consistent development for the individual leader. 

Using a leader’s native creative humanity, we work on their relationships with others, their agility and their resilience, helping them to lead safe and happy teams in growing organizations.  One “rung” at a time, we create a strategic plan that builds a ladder between where you are now and an amazing future.  We develop your leadership style step-by-step, preparing you to lead transformative change.

Create clarity.

Beginning with a deeply validated 360 assessment and finishing with a development plan, leaving this program executives I work with are ready to chart their own course for generative leadership.

You’ll receive: 

  • Weekly or bi-monthly 1:1 coaching sessions
  • The Leadership Circle™ Profile (with color printed resources binder and PDF copy)
  •  A coaching development plan with quarterly check-ins
  • Unlimited access to my support via email
  • My personal cell phone number
  • The support of my professional partners (business travel, corporate strategy, personal brand)

Are you ready?


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