THE LADDER™ lets you climb back up from crisis and see your way through change.

Facing the unknown is scary and lonely.

Crisis comes out of nowhere.  Change at work happens fast and on a business timeline, not a human one. I help leaders navigate crisis, change, or a return to work after trauma but supporting them deeply with a personalized plan for a full twelve months.  With my support, you will create a strategic plan that builds a ladder between where you are now and the future that feels untouchable.

THE LADDER™ offers structured support, a written plan, and a comprehensive and regular support system helping you integrate organizational strategy, work with other providers and counselors, and your personal leadership plan, allowing you to emerge from crisis or change with a support system and the ability to confidently move forward.

Together we work on examination of the crisis you have faced or are facing or the trauma you have been through, the system you currently have in place, and a plan to re-write that your future and reach beyond what you thought you could do as a leader.  We integrate the crisis management happening in your workplace, any outside support you’re receiving from counselors or other professionals, and your workplace and personal goals for a future that has structure, clarity, and achievable milestones.

I’m all yours.

On initial engagement, we’ll determine together the right course, pattern, and frequency for your work.  Over the course of 12 months, we meet a minimum of one time per month to break down where you are, what happened to you, what you need, and what you want to create from the ashes of a difficult experience or change.  I am available via email anytime you have a concern or worry and additional sessions can be added if you need extra support.  When you have completed the THE LADDER™, you will have a plan to launch change over the course of 12-18 months on your own.

In some cases, I remain engaged after 12 months for additional support.  Whatever your situation, I remain available to you.

Are you ready?


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