PARACHUTE PLAN™ sessions offer help on short notice.

When life gets crazy, phone a friend and ask for a parachute.  

Work crisises don’t abide by a traditional coaching schedule.  Once you have been part of the ART of WE™ or I have completed a 66 DAZE™ program with you, we will be familiar with each other and I will rapidly understand your situation and your needs.
Sometimes things get crazy and my clients need “bail out” support quickly and in the moment.  When this becomes the case, PARACHUTE PLAN™ Mini-Sessions are a 30-min quick coaching session to cover the crisis, staunch the bleeding, and make a “parachute plan” until our next session together.  I work to meet with you as soon as my schedule allows and I stick with you with a series of coaching sessions until the crisis passes.

I am yours.

When an urgent situation comes up, typically clients need up to 4 PARACHUTE PLAN™ Mini-Sessions to walk through the fire and get back to normal.  Existing clients can pre-purchase blocks of these sessions if they want to hold them in reserve or acquire them in real time using my calendar.

Are you ready?


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