PARACHUTE PLAN™ sessions help you glide through a transition in peace.

When life gets crazy, I am by your side.  

In the modern workplace, we have a huge gap when it comes to helping people at work who are in transition.  And we live in the fastest paced most ever-changing global economy the world has ever seen.

So I developed the PARACHUTE PLAN™ a 6 month program that sets a structure and creates a support system for the time which comes just before or just after a major transition at work.

Transitions my clients are facing might look like:

  • A promotion they aren’t completely prepared for
  • An acquisition or merger where their role will dramatically change
  • Returning to work after a trauma, crisis, or serious illness/injury they or a close loved one have experienced
  • Exiting an organization and needing help with designing their next steps


Using the PARACHUTE PLAN™ model I am retained by organizations, managers, and HR professionals to help someone on their team with the major change they are moving through.  I also work directly with individuals who want to hire my services outside of their organization.

I am all yours. 

Beginning with a start state assessment for you and incorporating the perspectives of your organization, and finishing with a development plan for the future, leaving this program you’ll feel safe and ready.

You’ll receive:

  • A start state analysis
  • Regular 1:1 coaching sessions for 6 months (with an opportunity to extend as needed) 
  • A coaching development plan with two focused check-ins
  • Unlimited access to my support via email
  • My personal cell phone number
  • The support of my professional partners (business travel, corporate strategy, personal brand)
  • First right to extended support after the 6 months is over, at the same rate or a reasonable individual rate
  • Assessments and debriefing (as determined by start state analysis)

Are you ready?


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