Practical support focused on helping you transform your leadership style.

In a transparent and global world economy, we have more access to others in all parts of business than ever before.  Though most people at work are deeply qualified from a technical standpoint, many struggle to understand the business from the lenses of self-awareness and social intelligence.  This results in lack of engagement, increased absenteeism, lowered job satisfaction, and the desire to look for a new job.  

  • Baby Boomer leaders are retiring by the tens of thousands per month and young middle managers are leap-frogging two or three layers up from middle management to VP and C-Suite status without preparation.   
  • New leaders with high potential are jumping to new levels of leadership without guidance or the mentorship their predecessors received.
  • Start-ups are growing at breakneck speed and Founders are becoming CEOs before they know how to manage a complex multi-million dollar business.
  • Businesses are growing globally, sending leaders to work in regions around the world, pushing them to integrate business practice with unfamiliar tradition and structure. 

Most corporate employees today are  immersed in their daily experience and stuck in a cycle.  When offered an opportunity to think differently and embrace individual clarity, better team management skills, and avoid conflict, they embrace it and transform.  When offered resources to learn, leaders are prepared to mitigate and manage conflict, grow in their acumen of mentoring and evolving teams, and to be prepared for all types of change with an open mindset and a focus on opportunities for growth.  

WIth an individual coaching plan I work to partner with the leader, focusing on finding their vision for the future, designing a unique blueprint for what happens next, and using structured steps create a development plan that can be shared with their manager(s).

Together for (6-12) months, we practice deep listening, mindful social awareness and vulnerable self-awareness.  We meet together for individual coaching sessions each week or every two weeks, and I also make room to interview the stakeholders surrounding the leader – managers, direct reports, peers, and stakeholders, so we have a holistic view of how the leader is perceived, the impact they are having, and the progress they are making.

During the process, a leader can plan to:

  • Cultivate executive presence
  • Grow situational leadership
  • Become a deeper listener
  • Create boundaries and help others understand them
  • Understand global business trends, demographic shifts and effects on business
  • Learn how to develop and mentor others to make room for their own professional growth
  • Be more mindful and accountable to self and to peers
  • Elevate as an emotionally intelligent leader

This may be a perfect opportunity for you if you are looking for: 

  • A safe and confidential one-on-one relationship where you can express your concerns and be supported in your growth
  • More opportunities to bring soft and powerful energy to your approach at work
  • The opportunity to bring your most difficult experiences to a coach who will support you and help you with solutions
  • An understanding of the somatic body approach and how to notice stress building up over time
  • An open door of discovery to figure out what you want from the next chapter of your work and your life

This work will ask you to: 

  • Come in with trust
  • Come in ready to work and growth
  • Be committed to receiving feedback and seeing it’s value
  • Be ready to dig deep and work hard on a personal level
  • Be connected with a coach who will co-create with you and help you stay accountable to achieving your goals
  • Be ready to return to work with more clarity about what you want to happen next in your work and in your life

Are you ready?


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