Today is the last day of your old life.

Most people are uncomfortable thinking about the future because it feels scary, open-ended, and way too big to tackle.  And this isn’t a fear, it’s a FACT.  Somewhere between a problem-reacting mindset and immunity to change, leaders feel frozen and even when offered the opportunity to work with a coach, feel like the don’t know where to start.  Positive change cannot come fast enough.  

In a coaching immersion, the leader and I work together to streamline and reset their mindset, identify their values and their personal mission, and connect them with the idea of building a future planned and owned by them.  My coaching immersions are a super-intensive blast off for coaching or occasionally a stand-alone solution that helps a leader get through a crisis, over a hump, and onto a better way of working and being with a plan in hand.   

Together for (2) days in person and face-to-face, we begin by identifying a leader’s values.  We continue by exploring their life story, looking at what made them into the person they are today and what parts of that no longer serve them as leaders.  We take a crystalline look at the future, making new commitments to self (and to interactions with others), the opportunities in feedback, and starting new. 

We end the two days with the idea that the future starts the second we end our immersion work together.  If we have (2) days together, day (3) is the dawning of a new day.   

Immersion work allows you an intensive opportunity to: 

  • Rapidly design and cultivate your personal brand and presence
  • Deeply grow your situational leadership
  • Identify and solidify your values and your purpose
  • Create a commitment to yourself about what comes next 
  • Draw a ladder to the future and identify each “rung” so that taking the steps is easy
  • Create a blueprint with detail of the debits and deposits of change, tackling the future one bite at a time
  • Pen a leadership development plan with information to share with your boss, supervisor or team

This may be a perfect opportunity for you if you are looking for: 

  • A rapid escalation of executive presence and personal leadership
  • An opportunity to work quickly and go deep for maximum impact 
  • The chance to have a vision and a plan and start actualizing your future within 48 hours
  • A return to work with tangible next steps from both a personal and a professional lens

This work will ask you to: 

  • Come in trusting
  • Be willing to go deep
  • Be connected to the idea of authoring a new version of your story and your life 
  • Receive feedback and walk into it together with your coach 
  • Be gentle with yourself
  • Get excited about what’s next 

You’ll receive: 


  • (2) full days of work one-on-one with Courtney Feider, BS, CMT, ACC 
  • Working materials to assist with the process (sometimes an assessment)
  •  A coaching development plan to share with your manager and team
  • Unlimited access to my support via email
  • My personal cell phone number
  • A customized list of supportive professional partners (business travel, corporate strategy, personal brand)
  • A *SPECIAL GIFT* from Sloane Marley to help you wash away the past and start fresh

Are you ready?


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