The ART of WE™ offers you relief and deep support for a full 6 months.

Be a part of a pinnacle experience.

Today’s workplace is hard on female leaders. In the US, 51% of workers are disengaged and actively seeking a new role or job.  The depression and burnout that accompany disengagement cost organizations $51B per year in absenteeism and lost employees.

Women are more dramatically and frequently affected because of the nature of their roles and due to the fact that they carry more responsibility both at work and at home.  Female leaders in positions of senior leadership often feel the greatest burden because the demands of their career and home are both at maximum capacity.

The ART of WE™ creates a six month container and safety net for women experiencing stress, burnout, depression, and fear and gives them tools to return to work empowered and ready to mentor a change in others.  It is the only coach-and-retreat experience of it’s kind in North America and I only provide 20 spots per cycle in order to increase emotional safety and depth of experience.

Merging one-on-one work, self-care, behavioral assessment, peer relationship building, strategic planning and community, The ART of WE™ offers a deep dive for rapid enhancement of personal development and leadership growth. This program is a focused experience for a group of women who form together, learning to help each others and themselves.  

You will advance your ability to:

  • Use a combination of strategic and behavioral skills to avoid burnout and advance change
  • Set and accomplish big goals with clarity and long term planning
  • Operate from a place of advanced presence and confidence in their daily work and management style
  • Increase their ability to increase storytelling for better communication at the highest level of business performance
  • Accelerate the ability to negotiate and persuade with grace, efficiency, and self-respect
  • Mitigate and manage burnout and find positive patterns for life/work balance
  • Understand how to navigate organizational trauma and crisis and to mentor others through these events

In order to keep the group intimate, only 20 spaces are available for the ART of WE™ per enrollment cycle. 

Enrollment begins on November 1, 2018.  

You will receive:

ONE-on-ONE PROFESSIONAL EXECUTIVE COACHING:  For the full 6 months, I meet with each participant once a month to review their work and their needs and to start forming the outline of a plan for behavioral change.  In most programs, 6 months of coaching can cost $6K – $12K.  The overall cost of the program includes this service with no additional cost.

THE LEADERSHIP CIRCLE 360 PROFILE + REPORT:  THE ART of WE™ includes a full Leadership Circle 360 assessment, profile/reference guide and binder, and debrief.  This by itself is a $1500 value.  The overall cost of the program includes this service with no additional cost.

PRIVATE EXECUTIVE RETREAT:  It’s important at the mid-point of this program to dive deep and we do so together as a group and in-person in Sun Valley, Idaho at the Limelight Hotel.  Deep learning will be delivered by up to 4 nationally known facilitators, offering expert training in emotional intelligence, strategic planning, negotiation, presence, organizational crisis, and work-life rhythm.

The program price includes:

  • Up to 3 room nights with complimentary breakfast
  • Gifts and custom wildcrafted body care products in guest rooms
  • 2 full facilitated meeting days with fresh and healthy lunch
  • Celebration dinner on the final night 

Note: Airfare/travel is not included.  Additional room nights are available at a special rate for participants who want to extend their stay, as are concierge tourism services at their individual cost.  Access to spa and gym with salt-water pool available for a small additional cost per day.

TRIAD COACHING with PEERS:  During the second half of THE ART of WE™ process, each participant receives peers to do triad work with.  Triads offer a person working, a person advising, and a person listening. This provides a support system and a system of accountability for actualizing the behavioral change set up in the first half and solidified in the retreat.  

Experience deep emotional safety.

This program is only available to people whom I have previously coached, friends they refer, or participants referred directly to me via a mutual connection whom I trust.  I custom curate the group of women to ensure cohesiveness, connection, confidentiality and emotional safety.   

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