66 DAZE™ helps you design behavioral change that lasts.

Behavioral change is difficult.  Do it right the first time.  

Lasting behavioral change takes at least 66 days.  During that time, I work with you to turn on your connection to your native creativity and give you focused building blocks and a clear roadmap for moving through change to reach your specific desire for change or your current leadership goal.  The 66 DAZE™ system helps you work through the haze, set a specific and achievable goal, and see it to completion  while also setting structure for core behavioral skill to enhance your leadership.

Together we discuss and define your opportunity for change, offer you a deeply reflective assessment to support your clarity and the process, and roadmap your opportunity to acknowledge your strength and develop your weakness, actualizing measurable change and accountability in a mere 66 days.

Short, but sweet.

For 66 days, we meet once weekly to discuss and define your desired change and to walk you through the first two months of developing a new behavioral habit.  Each day you will receive a resource that supports your efforts at change. Once you have completed the 66 DAZE™ program, you will clearly understand the basics and have the opportunity to launch and implement a new behavioral change on your own.

Should you need additional or ongoing support for a longer period of time, I will recommend this before the completion of the 66 days, and we will work together to design a custom maintenance program especially for you.

Are you ready?


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