Increase your human effectiveness with confidence.

Learn to turn fearful reaction into passionate vision.

We often make the mistake of separating our personal passions from our professional experiences.   The bridge over that chasm is a combination of creativity and emotional intelligence.  And learning how to harness that and connect with it in others is an art.

In my work as a coach, I take you through a process that deeply explores where you are beginning, what problems you are facing, and what sort of future you want to develop by reducing the creative tension between where you are and where you can ultimately be.

I work with you for about 12-14 months, unwinding all that you have learned and reconnecting your analytical skill to their ability to innovate, create, understand, and empathize.  We attach deep technical skill and strategy to creative heart, opening the opportunity for a leader to be better individually, at the head of a team, and as a key executive in a large organization.

You leave with clarity and a strategy that supports your individual needs, your team, your organization, and the way that you reach and impact your audience more effectively.   Though we are working with emotional intelligence and relationships, it all comes together in a very precise and easy-to-execute results focused plan.

Depending on the engagement, I will meet with you bi-weekly or once per month, and we will meet via a private Zoom video channel which I will provide.  You’ll have access to me by email between sessions for questions and support.

We will collaborate together following this outline:


Begin with your “start state” and choose an assessment or assessments that help to measure where you are beginning.


Debrief the assessment and tell your story – from childhood to your vision of the future.


Take a deep look at your behavioral nature and your level of emotional intelligence and find the strengths and the room for growth.


Analyze your natural creative competencies and your built reactive tendencies and how those affect your leadership development.


Choose what to enhance and what to let go and put it all into a coaching development plan that you can utilize to communicate with your colleagues and manager at work.

SESSION 7 – 8:

Set a timeline for reaching specific milestones and set an accomplishable (but significant) goal for conversion or change and determine how these measures will affect the team that you manage or work with.

SESSION 9 -10:

Teach you how to coach and mentor some of these steps with those you manage on a team or project.

SESSION 11-12:

Work on one specific behavioral acumen / creative competency and incorporate into coaching development action plan.

SESSION 13-14:

Close the process, revisit the coaching development plan, and schedule a 90-day check in after completion of regular meetings.

Let’s get started.

Are you ready?


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