I believe every person is capable of extraordinary change.

Find your balance and embrace your presence. 

My coaching method is Socratic and informational.  We focus on presence and the somatic experience of behavior and emotional intelligence so that when a client leaves the coaching engagement, they feel equipped with new tools and a changed mindset helping them to deal with their daily stress at work.  We look at these elements through the lens of neuroscience and adult development and chart change together.

Typically a client (or a team) and I set the parameters of what we’d like to accomplish in our work and how we are going to measure it, and then create a matrix of tools for their private personal growth and details they can share with their management or their team to illustrate the work they are doing and the support they need for positive change.

All coaching work is deeply confidential and is protected by APA (American Psychological Association) standards.  As a member and Certified Professional Coach with ICF, I abide by ethical standards which help me know exactly when to refer a client to a mental health professional.

The people I typically help deal with one or more of these issues:

  • Being promoted to a role they feel unprepared for technically and emotionally.
  • Emerging leaders in need of strategic approach for the next few years of their career.
  • Feeling unprepared for situational leadership or managing up.  
  • Reaching a place in their career where the job has shifted or their desire to do the job has shifted and they need to make a change.
  • In fundamental disagreement with a core leadership team or the people they work closely with.  
  • Working in a change-heavy organization where they need to be mentored and to learn how to mentor others. 
  • Dealing with a deep personal crisis or trauma that they have to navigate while also going to work.  
  • Desiring personal transformation and more meaning in their lives and wanting to do the work to gain this skills set.  
  • Leaving a position and in need of a transition coach as part of a severance or dismissal. 
  • In need of support due to HR elevating a behavioral issue or problem with their leadership style. 

My clients see me as a partner and support system who is with them until the storm has passed – helping them to move through their transition with peace because they have tapped their native ability to find innovative and practical solutions to move to the next chapter with grace, new wisdom, and peace.

Cancellations and referrals:

Cancellations and rescheduling are always possible.  I do deep preparation for each client before we meet, so out of respect for that time and the other people on my client roster, I ask for a minimum of 48 hours notice in advance of cancellation whenever possible.  Cancellations at less than 24 hours before our scheduled appointment time will be subtracted from a client’s bank of hours as a normal session. I am happy to make exceptions for emergencies.  This isn’t a formal policy, it’s a request based in respect.  I abide by ICF professional standards and ethics and I work to maintain a list of mental health professionals for referral purposes.

I also carry E&O insurance for large corporations and businesses who require it for their contracts.

Are you ready?


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