Every person is capable of extraordinary change.

I help people at work find balance through personal growth.

People at work today are at the top of their games with their technical skill and their ability to do their jobs.

They are also confused, lonely, and unsure about how to move through transitions.  They don’t know how to stay engaged at work, how to prevent and manage conflict, or how to be an individual in the middle of a corporate machine.  They feel overwhelmed by the idea of strategic leadership, leading teams, and the idea of succession and the role they might play in the future of a company.

The people I typically help deal with one or more of these issues:

  • Being promoted to a role they feel unprepared for technically and emotionally.
  • Feeling unprepared for situational leadership or managing up.  
  • Reaching a place in their career where the job has shifted or their desire to do the job has shifted and they need to make a change.
  • In fundamental disagreement with a core leadership team or the people they work closely with.  
  • Working in a change-heavy organization where they need to be mentored and to learn how to mentor others. 
  • Dealing with a deep personal crisis or trauma that they have to navigate while also going to work.  
  • Desiring personal transformation and more meaning in their lives and wanting to do the work to gain this skills set.  

My clients see me as a partner and support system who is with them until the storm has passed – helping them to move through their transition with peace because they have tapped their native ability to find innovative and practical solutions to move to the next chapter with grace, new wisdom, and peace.

Are you ready?


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