Dealing with rapid change using a concrete plan and practical creativity for maximum results.

My CHANGE MANAGEMENT program offers a plan for advanced change management with minimal conflict.  Together we isolate the core problem and design supporting solutions.   Then we apply the system to an immediate action plan.  Through the process of dissecting and reconstructing an issue, I teach leaders a simple process that can be replicated with their teams.  This process includes the actualization of personal responsibility and increased emotional intelligence, and results in a communications plan that communicates their perspective clearly and confidently.

By the end of the program, participants leave with:

  • Clearly defined sponsor for the change and details on how the change will merge with daily responsibilities
  • Defined leadership team and detailed roles
  • Clear understanding of the change that needs to happen
  • 30/60/90 day strategic plans for the change
  • Implementation and pivot plans
  • Maintenance and self-care plans for the sponsor (or department leader) managing the change, during change and after

This program is ideal for:

  • Senior executives and industry leaders who are facing rapid change without a clear plan
  • Organizations needing to bring a whole team up to speed on change management and practice a plan together
  • Teams or companies who are afraid of disruption and change

Available as:

  • Two Day Intensive
  • Custom change management coaching for the sponsor (6 month minimum)


“Courtney truly embodies her mission. She supports you in developing the disruption/transformation you are ready to take on with kindness and enthusiasm. She show ups 100% and doesn’t give up on anybody. She is a visionary who executes with grace.”

Stella Grizont

Positive Psychology Expert, WOOPAAH

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