i heart creativity.

The REN Method is NOW... just Courtney Feider. Boink.

The REN Method journey has been an exercise in self, soul, re-birth, growth, and overall ....(wait for it) ......FOCUSED creativity.  

At the beginning of the journey, I was trying to separate what I COULD do from what I was BORN to do.  And several years later, I have actualized the precise and very specific pie slice.   And I am thrilled with it.  People are connecting with me and we're listening to each other.  Important change is happening, and my business is rapidly growing.  

There's only one problem.   I am a seasoned Brand Strategist and a Creative Disruption Strategist,  and I need to take my own advice.  It's time to cut to the quick simply and easily, clearly and concisely.   

The REN Method, though it's been a great name and asset has recently been weighing down my introductions to people.  They want to trust an individual human, not a prescriptive methodology.  They like my work, but we're getting bogged down in a long explanation about the brand and what it means, and where it came from.  "REN" as a word and it's RAD connection to Viking/Scandinavian history will remain near and dear to me, and will likely pop up as a product somewhere down the road.   I adore it's connection to humanity and vulnerability and truth.  It remains in the DNA of my brand. 

But from here on, I'm simply..... Courtney Feider.    And I'm damn proud of it.  

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