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Going GAGA :: What I Learned About Disruption from the Mother Monster

When I started doing  Disruption Sessions with my clients, I noticed how many people were enormously uncomfortable with the word "disruption".  It has inherently negative social connotations and for too long, it's been a taboo to interrupt business or process as usual.  

We often see brave disruption in celebrities, but even in that community, Lady Gaga is head and shoulders above her peers, and is still very young and continuing to evolve her interruptions and transitions.  

Excellent disruptors don't do so thoughtlessly.   It's not psychotic whimsy.  

It's a plan.  A strategy.  

An ownership.  And a long term change.

A series of choices, habits, and new philosophy.

Intuitive disruptors just do it.  And some have a great balance between interruption and success/business.  Like Gaga.  If you aren't naturally like that, here are a few key things that she does that give her symmetry, consistency, and repeatable success with disruption.  

1.  She ROOTS - she is clear about who she is.  She stays true to this regardless of the evolution.

2. She CHECKS IN - she strategizes and plans her disruptions.  She balances them with past and future.

3.  She PLANS A RESCUE - she is her own hero.  I am sure she leans on others as well, but she's present for herself and that's HUGE.

4.  She PLAYS - she is playful and humorous in her approach, and she flirts with a lot of genres of change. From meat suits to singing classical jazz with Tony Bennett, the girl has RANGE.  That's partly talent, but it's also a choice.

5. She's LOYAL TO HERSELF -  she believes in what she is doing, why she is doing it, and the fact that she can do it.  Supreme self-confidence is a life raft in seas of change.

6.  She USES TOTEMS and MESSAGES  - I am sure she has personal symbols that are consistent, but more than anything, whatever her message is at the time, she lives it.  She's literally a walking billboard for her perspective. 

Not everyone is comfortable with this scale of disruption, nor should we be.  It's what defines this magnificent Lady.  

That said, these basic principles of strategizing a disruption are simple, solid, and ANYONE can follow them.

Are you ready?  

((applause. applause. applause.))

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