i heart creativity.


Business is risk. So is life for that matter.  But mistakes are foundations.  They shape and educate us, and more often than not, they are not as serious in the long run as they feel and seem in the moment.  They teach us lessons and they help us teach others.  They may even set us on a new path, move us towards even better people and circumstances, and in the long run, may not be remembered as "mistakes" but "opportunities". 

So I say, FAIL.  Fall down.  Fail again.  Get to where you want to give up and climb the mountain again.  Cry really hard.  Look for help.  Ask for help.  Get help.  Begin again.  Fail AGAIN.  And along the way, help someone with your story, with the fact that you took that risk, showed the fortitude.  Had the faith it took to be here, and learn, and drive towards a better answer.  

The biggest trick to failure is admitting your mistake, being accountable, cataloging the details, and making the same mistake twice.  

So for now, fail big and fail beautifully, you'll thank yourself later.   



The "A . B . C's  of REN" is a social/blog series defining the elements that make up The REN Method thinking.  With The REN Method, I focus on helping businesses understand the female consumer by being more altruistic, community-oriented, and authentic.  I show brands how to THINK, FEEL, and CONNECT like a modern woman with #theRENmethod.  I help businesses create a #TRIBE and #COMMUNITY.  I offer speaking engagements, interactive sensory seminars, and one-on-one consulting for businesses who want to use innovation to reach the modern female consumer.

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