i heart creativity.

E is for EPIC

"E" is for "EPIC" because we live in a pivotal time.  Things are moving faster.  The business and retail world is completely globalized.  We all feel the need to elevate, accelerate, and advance.  Emotions are heightened.

Essential is now quintessential.  Even failures are now called "epic".  

Truly becoming "epic" is a razor's edge, a knife's blade, a balancing point.  If you are this elevated, you don't need to say that you are.  Modesty and balance are the characteristics of this personality, not ego and "rat racery".  People who vibrate on a higher plane find each other.  Communication is fluid and mutually respectful.  And together they achieve the "truly" epic flow, and it's effortless. Brands and businesses who manage to reach this flow feel like part of the family, a natural extension of a natural person.  

How are you reaching the next level?  And what's beyond "epic"?


The "A . B . C's  of REN" is a social/blog series defining the elements that make up The REN Method thinking.  With The REN Method, I focus on helping businesses understand the female consumer by being more altruistic, community-oriented, and authentic.  I show brands how to THINK, FEEL, and CONNECT like a modern woman with #theRENmethod.  I help businesses create a #TRIBE and #COMMUNITY.  I offer speaking engagements, interactive sensory seminars, and one-on-one consulting for businesses who want to use innovation to reach the modern female consumer.

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