i heart creativity.


In the world of REN, C is for Community.  It's a feeling, a home space in the heart, a literal gathering of people.  A collection of likeminded souls who assist, develop, and support each other.  

As the world turns to more emotional connection, more intellectual property, more creativity and cooperation, community becomes more and more important :: for women, for men, and for businesses large and small. It's a space of being emotionally vulnerable to each other, getting out of our heads and getting into our hearts.  It's intangible, and invaluable.  It's scary, risky, difficult, and enormously beautiful.  

There is space for each of us individually when we operate in the concept of community.  We can hold our own identities and also work for the greater good. There's never competition because no one can do something the way each of us does it.  There's a higher premium on help and cooperation because together we are better.  In a community, we help each other #rise.  We stimulate and bring out the best in each other.  We help each other stand tall in a crisis, and rest when we need it.  

Come together, to be your best individual self.  


The "A . B . C's  of REN" is a social/blog series defining the elements that make up The REN Method thinking.  With The REN Method, I focus on helping businesses understand the female consumer by being more altruistic, community-oriented, and authentic.  I show brands how to THINK, FEEL, and CONNECT like a modern woman with #theRENmethod.  I help businesses create a #TRIBE and #COMMUNITY.  I offer speaking engagements, interactive sensory seminars, and one-on-one consulting for businesses who want to use innovation to reach the modern female consumer.  

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