i heart creativity.


Let's start with this :: I belong to many #TRIBES. There's a river of wisdom in women that runs very deep. It's historical. It's metaphorical. It's generational. And it's multi-cultural. 
These women. They are individuals I am blessed to speak with regularly, and sometimes to meet with in groups. They're from Scotland, Sweden, Chile, Hawaii, Manhattan via San Fran via Idaho, France, England, Ireland, and everywhere in-between. We connect often on three things :: #COMMUNITY #ALTRUISM and#TALENT.  
The strength of connection isn't related to how long I know them, but how deeply we share something on a given day. We quietly communicate our ideas, our concerns, and our commentary on the state of the world. What we use in our families, remedies for our children, care for our dogs, processes for our plants, the weight and quality of the things we wear, what scents carry us around every day and evoke yesterday. We curate our lives. And we give it to each other freely.  A good recommendation spreads like wildfire, but something that would negatively affect a daughter gets instantly deleted from the memory files. It's a sometimes fickle (but pretty perfect) system. It defies typical communication. It spreads through phones, apps, computers, sharing of brand names, coupon codes, and personal reviews on effectiveness.

This is the heart of a #LADYTRIBE, and in my world#theRENtribe. It's special. Essential. It's sisterhood and connection. It's swift and it's growing.


I show brands how to THINK, FEEL, and CONNECT like a modern woman with #theRENmethod. I help businesses create a #TRIBE and #COMMUNITY. I offer speaking engagements, interactive sensory seminars, and one-on-one consulting for businesses who want to use innovation to reach the modern female consumer


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