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K is for KARMA

K is for KARMA.  

She's a bitch, and the goddess of kindness and wisdom, depending on how you treat situations, other people, and yourself.  If you don't believe in karma as a spiritual concept, think about it this way.  

What comes around, goes around. Though we often apply that to perceptions of how we are treated, or sometimes, how we treat others, only the most self aware believe in "self karma".  Guess what?  You're your own best advocate and your own worst enemy.  Your self love or self loathing and your willingness to attract the best to and for yourself is the pivot point of everything else you do in a balanced business, or a balanced life.  

"Didn't anybody tell ya?  Don't go messin' with karma, it'll come around. You want someone to trust you, well you've got to be true."  - BRETT DENNEN-  

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