i heart creativity.

J is for JUMP

J is for JUMP.  As in JUMP IN.  With two feet.  With your heart.  Your soul.  Your mind.  And your body.  

It's scary - yes.  Risks are there, true.  But almost all of us have a family (born, chosen, business, or all of the above) who will walk us through it.  

So get in there!  Muck around in the thick of it.  Screw up.  Mess up again. Piss someone off.  Do it better next time.  Make some friends.  Find someone to collaborate with.  Be careful with your heart and your finances, but be bold with your choices and your faith in yourself.   

JUMP, because - it's not going to be easy... but it's going to be just fine.  


Courtney FeiderComment