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G is for GRACE

G is for GRACE.  It's one of the most elusive leadership qualities, and yet it's essential.  It's fleeting and beautiful in powerful, hard-hitting CEOs, and it's tender and present in those who are starting a business, with their personal wellbeing on the line.  

It's that quintessential intangible thing that makes us listen to certain people.  It's a leader who finds greatness and receives it, and the rest of the world gives it gladly, saying "you deserve this".  

If you want to achieve greatness, you can't ask for permission.  If you want to elevate tograce, you must see it as your birthright and your opportunity to give back.  

Take ten minutes and give it back to yourself today.  Consider the width and breath of your life, your life's work.  Where do you find grace


The "A . B . C's  of REN" is a social/blog series defining the elements that make up The REN Method thinking.  With The REN Method, I focus on helping businesses understand the female consumer by being more altruistic, community-oriented, and authentic.  I show brands how to THINK, FEEL, and CONNECT like a modern woman with #theRENmethod.  I help businesses create a #TRIBE and #COMMUNITY.  I offer speaking engagements, interactive sensory seminars, and one-on-one consulting for businesses who want to use innovation to reach the modern female consumer.

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