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THE PROCESS SERIES :: Women and Meaningful Connections


To kick off 2015, I have decided to write a series based on the process of connecting with women and their communities.  

Just like women require meaning, connection, and essence in their personal relationships, they also require it in the brands that they attach to and stay in sync with. This has long been true - the only difference between then and now, is that the bigger businesses have started to recognize this, and to connect with this theory and realize the depth of it's importance.  

It's simple relevance.  If it fits into the fabric of her life, makes her life easier, feels good, looks good, smells good, tastes good, and (even better) has some sort of mission based practice which positively affects her world, her community, or assists the world in being a better place for her to nurture children and/or other women, the battle has been won before the product is purchased.

Meaning comes when she is allowed to see the process.  She likes to be involved in the evolution and execution whenever possible (this increases relevance).  She likes to become a thought-leader or expert based on this choice to be involved, and to pass it along, because that allows her to show commitment to something worthwhile in the land of commerce, and a new level of dedication and love to the people in her life.  

So, to start out - begin the conversation with her.  Take a step back from high level brand planning and treat the connection with her like the first time you ever met someone you wanted to date.  What did you try to discover about them?  What was important to them (and thereby important to you)?  What did you desperately want to share with them on a daily basis?  How did you evolve and grow that relationship?  What did they like the taste of?  Smell of?  Texture of?  What connected them to their favorite memories?

Take a step back and get more personal.  Here is a wonderful example of "the meaningful connection" that the brand Patagonia is making with their buying community and the world. Though they are going to produce less new product, their opportunity to truly connect with women is extraordinary as they open up a new price point on product and center around a community-centric ethic, and they are connecting to a real place int the world, being relevant, and meeting women where they are.  They give their audience something to think about, to center on, and they let us draw our own conclusions.  


What does your product or service bring?  What is your meaningful connection, and how do you want to begin the conversation?  

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