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Stop Trying to Control Everything (It's Not Helping)

Control.  Control.  Stay in control.

Hmmm.  Maybe not.  

"Mad Men Mind Control"  is OUT.  

SWIPE style "Insta-Life" is IN.     

There's so much happening, it's like being bombarded by the lights of Times Square 24-7.  No one has a moment of technology relief and peace without choosing it.  

This concept also applies to the rapidly changing world of product placement, marketing, and consumer engagement.  We have a very high level of access (which some mistake for control), punctuated by the fact that we live in a fast food culture of advertising, images, endorsements, and limited attention spans.  In all of that "control" there's pretty much NO CONTROL.  

Consider the individual value of a product, service, or good, and how to demonstrate the value in an emotionally connected and personal way.  Then apply it to your audience's life.  

Not generically.  

Directly.  Clearly.  Thoroughly.  Thoughtfully.  

Consider what each consumer brings to the equation and what their needs are. Think about the connection that the modern buyer needs to make in order to notice a specific product above the noise constantly buzzing around us!  And ponder the power the people bringing the product to market have to contribute heart and connection, which is real, resonant, and lasting.  

Genuine connections are not made or severed by technology.  Control is IMPOSSIBLE at our current modern state and pace.  I assert that we need to stop attempting to "control" or "manage" our targeted consumer.  

Real reflects as REAL.  It cuts through the static of modern overconsumption.  Feeling special is tangible. People want to reach out, be noticed, and to belong.  

We need to return to a simpler way of connecting, and use our amazing technology and connection to REFLECT that with our modern influence and access.  The proof is in the pudding. This sort of listening is no longer on the fringe.  It creates "tribe" brands, huge female audiences, manic social sharing, free press, and crazy high level networking opportunities.  

The new "sales strategy" is like being a good girlfriend who is a great listener and a wonderful storyteller.  Be approachable, empathetic, provide a personal connection, and move ahead with the foundation of a TRUE relationship.  

Get comfortable with intimacy and make the connection.  

And most of all, stop with the fantasy that you're IN CONTROL.  






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