i heart creativity.

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B I O + C O N T A C T

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I create modern revolutionaries.


I believe that everyone is innately creative.  


We are born morally connected and intensely hard wired for creativity. Gradually we disconnect, lose faith in our own authenticity, and define and exercise creative prohibition.  


I work to re-connect you with this lost self.  I am convinced that the world would be richer, purer, and more tangible if we were all more connected to our authentic creativity. 


I have been working in this space for the better part of two decades, even though it hasn't always been popular.  


Now, I teach executives and organizations how to separate the extrinsic motivations of innovation with the intrinsic drive of creativity, how to identify creative types, and how to create real teams with safety + emotional support.  I break down generational trends and shifts and explore the theories of respected experts whose thoughts support the idea that expanded creativity at work leads to more in life, balance, flow, and engagement with the largest purchasing powers in world history. 


I touch hearts and minds, unblocking creative prohibition once and for all.  Above all,  I help the humans who run modern businesses avoid isolation and despair.  







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