Creativity returns to each of us in different ways.

This is my story.

When I was young I was innately creative, and I believed in it. I knew that I could find answers to crazy problems. I felt safe in ideation  and innovation. I was an artist and the author of my future.

And then judgement crept in. From the outside. From inside of me. I began to crush my creative nature like a tin can trying to fit in.

Desperate to integrate, I denied my artistic tendencies and declared myself a “smart girl”. I worked for honor roll and AP classes. I was in the top 1% of my collegiate graduating class. And I was hollow, sad, and unfulfilled.

It wasn’t easy, but I rebuilt my career from the bottom up. And I was happy. I made professional connections with people who believed in me and I spoke up. I got to work with companies like Microsoft and HP at the top of their business. Eventually, I started my own brand agency. And when I was ready for another change, I knew how to lean into my innate creativity, to dig deep, and to actualize my career as a behavioral strategist, a coach, and an author.

I believe in my creativity and I know what it can do for me. I am creative – and I always will be.

Now, I am a behavioral strategist, facilitator, and executive coach who works with corporations and individuals to help unblock their creativity and facilitate sustainable change.  I work with companies of all sizes across the US and around the world.  I am regularly featured in Forbes and I contribute to Thrive Global.  My work has also been featured in Fast Company, Huffington Post, Business Insider, All Business, and on numerous blogs and podcasts.

“Courtney challenges us to embrace the potential of creative disruption personally, laying out a pragmatic methodology for self-assessment and for action.”

Dev Ramcharan, PMP, CCTC
Portfolio Director – Governance / Strategic Initiatives
TD Bank (Canada)

I wrote a book!

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