Here is a little bit about my background, what I do, and how I do it.

Here’s Why I Do This Work

I started out as a corporate executive, then became an agency executive, and eventually owned an agency.  That is where I thought I’d reach the “top of the mountain” and stretch out the rest of my professional career.

But what I found is that I was passionate about one thing and one thing alone – helping each leader or executive I met come closer to their dream for the future by navigating change.

That future couldn’t be birthed until the leader knew without a shadow of a doubt that they had the right recipe of vision and tangible action to see their dream for the future through to becoming a reality.

What I Do 

I help you imagine the future you have been dreaming of and then actualize it – one reasonable step at a time.

How I Help 

First, we work through your story – how you came to be where you are and all of the experiences that got you there.

Next, we explore your reality – the life and experience that is real and true for you right now, and what that brings you in balance and in deficit.

Last, we set a clear and vision for your future – the life that may feel too large to actualize but would make you feel in full control of what happens next.

When we put all of these pieces together, even wicked and complex and constant change cannot derail this process.

Who I Help 

I most often work with:

  • Members of the C-Suite
  • Vice Presidents / Provincial Leaders 
  • Executive Directors / Managing Partners 
  • Emerging High Potential Leaders 
  • Senior Leadership and Executive Teams

My Background

I have over 20 years of senior level experience in corporate business with leadership development, organizational strategy, and business communications and marketing. My career has brought me experience across many industries in corporate business as well as SMB and start-ups.


  • I am an ICF Certified Professional Coach
  • I have these specialty areas of training:
    • Trauma-informed coaching
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Neuroscience of Change
    • Somatic Coaching
    • Team Coaching

Courtney Feider, BS, CMT, ACC

“Courtney has an amazing ability to clearly articulate her vision, inspire strategy and activate excellence in everything she does and everyone she works with.” 

Janet Morris, Manager: Worldwide Presales & Pursuit
Hewlett Packard, Enterprise

Ethics & Insurance

I abide by ICF professional standards and ethics and I work to maintain a list of mental health professionals for referral purposes.  I also carry E&O insurance for large corporations and businesses who require it for their contracts.

Certifications + Affiliations

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