Discover your creative heart and become the leader you were born to be.

Your creativity is closer than you think.

When we are young and close to our creativity, we don’t recognize it’s power and we take it for granted.  As we age, we feel pressured to do things the way the system tells us to and we lose our innate ability connect with a different way of doing things.

When this happens, we become exposed to self-doubt and judgement.

Our thinking gets clouded.  Creative prohibition sets in.


“The future depends on what you do today.”   

Mahatma Gandhi 



Creativity creates a strong foundation.

Creativity is the primary behavioral skill that connects us with resilience and confidence, making us better at complex problem solving, conflict resolution, and planning & organizing.  Modern psychologists, organizational strategists, and brilliant business minds recognize the fact that creativity is a foundational skill for business excellence.

My mission is to help emerging leaders in business reconnect with creativity and use it to develop their leadership as managers and mentors.  My passion is watching them use this new creativity strategically on their teams  – escalating quality, decreasing conflict, increasing trust, and maximizing results.

Yes, you are creative.

Most business leaders don’t know they are creative and have no idea how to access, harness it, and use it.  You can be the exception.

Each of us has native creativity in varying types and to different degrees and in most of us it’s dormant.  Awakening your creativity moves you from a state of childlike curiosity to an eloquent form of advanced leadership.


Leaders who awaken their native creativity are able to:

  • Better understand themselves and others
  • Communicate with an elevated sense of confidence
  • Form stronger professional relationships (and maintain them more effectively)
  • Create strategic plans with more ease and efficacy
  • Proficiently mitigate and manage conflict
  • Effortlessly pivot when change is required
  • Coach and mentor those they manage
  • Feel fully prepared for the future and what it holds
  • Create high performing and loyal teams who work together to provide measurable results

Creativity is the super skill that creates legendary leaders.

Legendary?  Yes.  It’s within reach.  You are naturally wired to return to your creativity.

Together we can create basic systems to help you and your team harness and use your native creativity on a daily basis to inform critical business decisions and accelerate maximum results.

More engagement, happier teams, measurable results, increased work/life balance.  Return to your native creativity, and change the way you work – for good.

Let me show you how to begin.

“Courtney offers us a roadmap to creative leadership, for ourselves, and the people we lead. Creativity is needed more than ever in these disruptive and exponentially changing times.”

Tom Hood

CEO, Maryland Association of CPAS

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