I help tired leaders find safe space to feel creative, valued, seen and heard.

I help leaders go from tired to empowered.


Our world is transparent, fast-moving, and totally global.  Expectations at work are higher than ever and the pace is exhausting.  We are moving at the speed of business and that is….to say the least… FAST.  From research organizations who study trends to global CEO surveys, from McKinsey to Deloitte to the World Economic Forum, we know some critical things about today’s experience at work:


Two-thirds of the workforce feels disconnected.  Employees truly want to develop close connections with their co-workers.

Employees are NOT engaged at work.  As many as 67% in North American corporations, whereas 70% are engaged worldwide.

Half of the workforce is looking for a new job. 51% of employees are searching due to dissatisfaction on the job.

People are leaving because they don’t feel seen, heard and valued.  Up to 91% of the people who left a job said the organization gave them no good reason to stay.

Senior leadership needs to set the pace.  Employees who are managed by supervisors who are engaged are 59% more likely to be engaged.

Today’s workforce is hungry for transformation. Collaboration and productivity are directly correlated to transformational leadership development.

Bottom line results are directly connected to emotional intelligence.  Leaders who are emotionally intelligent and good listeners lead teams with up to 90% more efficacy.  

When you address these issues, understand yourself and others and shift your mindset, you increase your:

Outcome oriented mindset.  Putting your focus on a long term outcome and seeing everything that comes as opportunity.

Executive presence.  The way you carry yourself, represent your values, and show the world who you are and why you are here.

Sense of engagement.  The way you show up at work, how hard you push, how satisfied you feel, how much mastery you achieve.

The talent retention on a team.  The law of attraction applies.  When you are an excellent leader with a confident foundation, people want to follow you.

Overall time management and productivity.  The work you complete will be maximized.  Not in extra hours but in additional focus and precision.

The ability to collaborate.  The way you sync up with others and work together to create trust, safety, and connection for better performance from your team.

Feelings of resilience.  The way you deal with crisis or chaos and thoughtfully disrupt your own process when change is needed.

Ability to innovate.  The way you can deeply think about the future –  building a ladder between where you are and where you want to be.

Strategic planning capacity.  The way you put form and function to what you are doing and how you will do it, choosing team members needed, minimizing conflict and maximizing performance.

Core management abilities.   Your creative management style, demonstrating your desire to take transformation seriously and pursue a better way to do things as a leader of a team.

Aligned and productive teamwork.   Your mentorship and management of a team that is safe and vulnerable with each other with the realization that this is the key to great success and measurable results.

A work/life balance.  Your new mindset which creates understanding regarding the harm done to your body because of stress and your ability to be engaged and connected at work when you set and maintain boundaries.

Invaluable access to creative flow.  The deeply productive creative state that allows you to design work at your highest and best, frequently and precisely, and in a work style that matches your unique nature and creative intelligence.

Today is the last day of your old way of working.

I am here to listen and help. 

Individuals and teams I work with are typically at a crossroads with their internal ability to communicate and innovate.  Using a foundation of values, vision, presence, collaboration, and emotional intelligence, together we design a new future for one leader or a whole team.


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“Courtney offers us a roadmap to creative leadership, for ourselves, and the people we lead. This kind of leadership is needed more than ever in these disruptive and exponentially changing times.”

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