Restore humanity at work. Sleep better at night.

It’s time to change the way we show up at work.

It is my passion, my mission, and life’s work to help bring humanity back to the workplace.  This return looks like a group of people who promote and endorse safety, take care of each other through change, and evolve their leadership first for themselves, then in the context of their relationship with others, and finally in the way that they manage teams.

It’s my experience that a regular “nudge” and the expression of kindness, warmth, and connection can make massive a difference in a business culture and with measurable results.

I use nationally and internationally validated assessments to assist individual leaders in seeing where they started and the potential of where they are going, and to lead their teams differently by taking the same principles into a group review of culture and look for opportunities for change.

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“The future depends on what you do today.”   

Mahatma Gandhi 


By connecting to humanity at work, you increase:

Your engagement.  The way you show up at work, how hard you push, how satisfied you feel, how much mastery you achieve.

Talent retention on your team.  The law of attraction applies.  When you are an excellent leader with a confident foundation, people want to follow you.

Your productivity.  The work you complete with be maximized.  Not in extra hours but in additional focus and precision.

Your ability to collaborate.  The way you sync up with others and work together to create trust, safety, and connection for better performance on and from your team.

Your resilience.  The way you deal with difficulties and the way you thoughtfully disrupt our own process to move the dial when change is needed.   To do it better next time.

Your ability to innovate.  The way you can process your thinking about the future –  building a ladder between where you are and where you want to go.  Using futuristic thinking and creativity to solidify your innovation.

Your strategy.  The way you put form and function to what we are doing and how you will do it, how it will be executed, what team is needed, and minimizing reaction and conflict and maximizing performance.

Your management ability.   Your creative management style which demonstrates your desire to take your own transformation seriously and pursue a better way to do things along side those you manage.

Your teamwork.   Your mentorship and management of the type of team that is vulnerable with each other – communicating from a place of psychological safety and humility with the realization that this is the key to the irgreatest success as a team.

Your work/life balance.  Your new mindset which allows us to understand the harm done to your body with stress and the benefit to retention, engagement, and reduced sick time when you set boundaries and create balance.

Your sense of creative flow.  The deeply productive work state that allows you to perform your highest and best work most frequently in precisely the work style that matches your behavioral nature and your creative intelligence.

“Courtney offers us a roadmap to creative leadership, for ourselves, and the people we lead. This kind of leadership is needed more than ever in these disruptive and exponentially changing times.”

Tom Hood

CEO, Maryland Association of CPAS

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