I help leaders deal with unexpected change.

Do you need support more than ever before?

I focus my coaching work around supporting individual and teams as they face unexpected change, transitions, trauma, or a wicked series of challenges.  Even the best leader needs a support system to deal with the global business challenges we are facing now.


  • As a globe, we have just walked through the experience of a lifetime.
  • There is no template for what comes next, and no one to ask for clarity.
  • We were rapidly asked to cut connection.
  • We are more emotionally ready to “drop-in” and do work than we ever have been before.
  • We must be prepared to take different risks (because now it’s required).

Are you struggling to align old paradigms with modern challenges?

Transition coaching and team-based work with culture can provide a great deal of relief from the stress that is caused by being emotionally out of balance, and also not feeling as if you can deeply contribute.  I focus on helping teams understand each other and clarify their vision and their plans.  


  • As a leader, are you prepared for a whole new set of responsibilities?
  • Are you seeking more job satisfaction by looking for new work?
  • Are you a member of a team that is lacking trust, doesn’t feel cohesive, or isn’t productive?
  • Are you engaged while you are at work?  

You decide what comes next.

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“Courtney offers us a roadmap to creative leadership, for ourselves, and the people we lead. This kind of leadership is needed more than ever in these disruptive and exponentially changing times.”

Tom Hood

CEO, Maryland Association of CPAS

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You decide what comes next.

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