Solutions to wicked problems start with a creative heart.

Great leadership begins with creativity and heart.  

What’s the difference between good leaders and great leaders?  A combination of creativity and emotional intelligence.  Or as I like to call it – creative heart.  

Creativity and heart are much more empirical and measurable than you might think.  We have the greatest creative capacity that we will ever have when we’re kids, so we were born to lead this way.  We are connected to about 98% of our creative capacity when we are 5 years old, but only about 2% when we are adults.  

This idea of using creative heart is foreign to us because we’ve trained ourselves to work within a system that requires us to be common and similar.  Creativity and emotional connection get compromised as we acclimate and try to lead from within this sameness. 

Forsaking the creative heart is a bottomless mistake.  


Become the leader you were born to be.

We live in two separated silos – life and work –  and we wonder why we can’t disconnect from one for the other.   We constantly feel the strain of time scarcity.  We abuse our bodies and minds with the struggle, burning the flame so bright that we blind ourselves to what it feels like to live in a place of stability and peace.   We fail to see that the performance and results we are always chasing naturally fall from this more graceful state of being, living, and leading.

Fully owning your native creativity means you can truly feel alive – embracing your passion, quieting your rebellion, harnessing your motivation, and owning your ability to create, integrate  – and be free – at work and at play.  As you open yourself up to creativity you’ll find that even when the volume of your work remains at fever pitch, your heart and mind will be in balance, and your soul at peace.  

“The future depends on what you do today.”   

Mahatma Gandhi 


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Connection to the creative heart increases:

Employee engagement.  The way we show up at work, how hard we push, how satisfied we feel, how much mastery we achieve.

Talent retention.  The people we attract, keep, and grow, the way we cascade mentorship, the way our culture at work thrives.

Productivity.  The work we complete.  Not only in volume but in terms of the way it  moves the business strategy forward and impacts the bottom line.

Collaboration.  The way we sync up with others and work together to create trust, safety, and connection for better performance as a team.

Resilience.  The way we deal with difficulties and the way we seize the need to disrupt our own process at work and move the dial when change is needed.   The way we do it better next time.

Innovation.  The way we pursue thinking about the future and put a map and a plan to the way we build a ladder between where we are and where we want to go.  Merging futuristic thinking and creativity to solidify innovative process.

Strategic Planning.  The way we put form and function to what we are doing and how we will do it, from a perspective of how it will be executed and also what team players will be needed, how they will perform, and how they can connect to support each other.

Stellar management.  The managers who take their own transformation seriously and lead creatively, pursuing a better way to do things along side those they manage.

High performing teamwork.  The type of team that is vulnerable with each other – communicating from a place of psychological safety, vulnerability, and humility, and realizing this is the key to greatest success as a team.

Work/life balance.  The new mindset that allows us to understand the harm we do to our bodies with stress and the benefit to retention, engagement, and reduced sick time when we set boundaries and create balance.

Flow.  The deeply productive work state that allows us to perform our best work most frequently in precisely the work style that matches our behavioral nature and our creative intelligence.

“Courtney offers us a roadmap to creative leadership, for ourselves, and the people we lead. Creativity is needed more than ever in these disruptive and exponentially changing times.”

Tom Hood

CEO, Maryland Association of CPAS

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